...because trout do not lie or cheat
and cannot be bought or bribed or impressed by power, but respond only to quietude and humility and endless patience...
- Robert Traver


Angling may be said to be so like mathematics that it can never be fully learnt.
- Izaac Walton

Utah Fly Fishing Guides

Our fly fishing guides are some of the friendliest, hardest working, and most patient trout fanatics you'll ever meet. We know these rivers and their inhabitants like no one else. With a profound understanding of both the fish and, sometimes as importantly, the fisherman, one of our strongest skills is deciphering the code to hook up with larger fish consistently. We also strive to set a new (or is it old?) standard in stream-side etiquette and live by a catch-and-release, totally barb-less, leave no trace ethic. Come and see why our guides are liked by locals and have a reputation for being some of the best in the West!

Joe Mitchell

Joe Mitchell leads this team and is one of the area's most sought-after guides. He learned to fly fish as a young boy living in Montana over 40 years ago and has been chasing down trout with his hand-tied flies ever since. He considers the first ten years of his life prior to that being wasted on worms and spinners. His uncanny ability to find fish can partly be explained by the fact that he's been studying them for most of his life. It's no wonder he chose the guiding life and is considered by many to be a master of his trade. Joe is also a proud member of Solitude Fly Company's design team, and some of his fly patterns are quickly becoming North American standards. You may already have some of his bugs in your collections. Joe is the creator of the increasingly popular series of split case nymphs and many other original trout slayers. A true technician, no matter what they might be eating, he's always got at least a half-dozen flies in just the right stages, sizes, and colors to match. When you see the size of some of these trout we're up against, you'll understand why his fly patterns work so well. They have to.

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